With the Water Allocation Plan, an important step has been taken towards ensuring fair and sustainable water supply to sectors in the basin in the short, medium, and long term against the impacts of climate change.

Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry


Muğla, Antalya, Burdur, Denizli

Western Mediterenian Water Allocation Project

With the Western Mediterranean Basin Water Allocation Plan, which is prepared by taking into account the effects of climate change and drought analysis, it is ensured that the water demand is met fairly, efficiently and abundantly for each sector. Framework of assessment and planning is established considering integrated climate change assessment for adaptation planning for future investments of sectors. Strategic adaptation planning with key stakeholder consultative process is conducted and developed a dynamic adaptive strategy in the target sub-basin for the sub-sectors for future investment. Reuse of treated water was evaluated during water allocation modelling studies.

Services Provided

• Determination the current and future water use sectors
• Determination drought analysis upon climate change impacts for the effects on water quantity and quality
• Calculation of ground and surface water availability under 5 drought scenarios
• Determination of irrigation water demand, crop yields, optimum crop pattern considering climate change impacts
• Calculation of minimum ecological flows
• Social science methods (survey and interviews)
• Calculation of the economic value of water used in different sectors
• An integrated hydraulic system model preparation to simulate reservoir operation modeling by WEAP software
• Analysis of Realtime Decision Support Systems