The integrated water management plan has been prepared for Turkey’s largest closed basin.

4th Regional Directorate of State Hydraulic Works



Konya Closed Basin Master Plan

Konya Closed Basin, one of the most significant regions for biological diversity and agricultural production in our country, faces a growing deficit in its water budget due to high demand for limited water resources.

As part of the Konya Closed Basin Master Plan, the potential of surface and groundwater resources has been assessed to determine the current situation. Future water consumption has been identified considering the existing water consumption in the basin and planned investments.

Taking into account the water potential in the basin and future water needs, inter-basin water transfer and potential investments have been identified. This process involved developing strategic plans for sustainable water management in the basin and the efficient utilization of water resources.

Services Provided

• Determination of water rights
• Water Resources Management and Optimization
• Technical and economic studies
• Determination of sediment and erosion sensitive areas in the basin
• Conceptual and preliminary design of flood and sediment control structures
• New project proposals for flood mitigation, energy production purposes, drinking and irrigation water supply