Who are we?

Founded in 1965 with a focus on water and soil resources, SUİŞ PROJE has grown into a comprehensive engineering and consultancy firm. We have been the leading force in water infrastructure development, started specializing in dams, hydro electrical power plants, irrigation facilities, drinking and wastewater systems, and treatment plants, then expanding to include roads, bridges, airports, regional and rural planning, industry investment projects. Today, we deliver a broad spectrum of services starting from collecting main data as mapping, geological, foundation and material survey, to feasibility (planning), project design, preparation and evaluation of contract documents, contractor selection and construction supervision, business administration and system research, bringing expert engineering and consultancy services to projects worldwide, ensuring sustainable development across communities.

At SUİŞ PROJE, we believe water is more than just a resource – it’s about people. Our team boasts a wide experience and leverages state-of-the-art technology to deliver high-quality solutions. With a focus on efficiency and a deep understanding of human needs, SUİŞ PROJE is the partner you can trust to ensure a sustainable water future.

Our rapid mobilization and efficient execution ensure timely project delivery, all while fostering a collaborative spirit that prioritizes client needs. With a presence in Türkiye, Azerbaijan, West Bank-Palestine, and beyond, we leverage our international experience and diverse skillsets to deliver innovative solutions for any water challenge.



After graduating from ITU Civil Engineering Faculty as a Civil Engineer in 1953, he worked in various positions in General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works, and in 1963 he left the civil service at his own request while he was the Head of the Operation and Maintenance Department. He worked in the USA Bureau of Reclamation for the development of Water Resources in 1956-1957, he also went to the United States with a scholarship from Ford Foundation between 1962-1963 and worked on development economics at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Public Administration. He worked as a responsible consultant engineer in various studies, planning, project and supervision services from 1963 until the establishment of the company. He has many technical articles given to domestic and international congresses and a book on Water Resources Planning and Management. He passed away in March 2012.