Master Planning
We offer our clients sustainable planning for economic development, food and agriculture, community and energy use, with a strategic approach to water use and management by understanding and influencing the entire water cycle.
Feasibility Studies
With our comprehensive feasibility studies, we produce tailored-made solutions for the client's needs and identify potential risks and opportunities by evaluating financial and technical analysis.
We successfully design and develop all kinds of projects from flood risk management and water resources planning to dam engineering, treatment plant design and river engineering with our multidisciplinary project teams.
Capacity Building
To achieve progress and improvements in water governance, we conduct capacity-building processes that involve all stakeholders, taking into account institutional and organizational performances.
Environmental and Social Assessment
We ensure that capital projects and resource utilization prioritize environmental protection, public safety, and social considerations, addressing the needs of both current and future generations. Collaborating with our clients, we aim to safeguard natural resources and evaluate and mitigate risks.
Procurement Consultancy
We provide collaborative services throughout the entire project life cycle, from initial planning studies to final construction and operation/maintenance services. We offer project delivery methods, including both traditional and alternative approaches such as design-build and public-private partnerships.
Construction Supervision
We provide our clients compherensive management, supervision and inspection services to complete their project on time and on budget while meeting all relevant regulations and quality standards.
Project Management
With our Project Management approach, we manage the risks and improve the beneficial outcome to our clients.