Within the scope of the GAP Batman-Silvan Project, water and soil resources were developed and dams and HEPPs were planned for irrigation areas, energy production and water utilization.

General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works


Batman, Diyarbakır

GAP Batman-Silvan Project

Project is part of Southeastern Anatolian Project (GAP) and covers planning studies in order to determine the hydropower potential of Kulp, Zori and Sason creeks of Batman River –which is an important branch of Tigris River-, determination of possible dam and HPP sites and the irrigation of 257,000 ha of land. Silvan, Sason and Kayser Dams (earthfill type) and 7 smaller dams (RCC type) are studied during planning stage.

Services Provided

• Hydrological studies covering whole basin
• Determination of water demand for irrigation
• Determination of installed capacities for HPPs
• Evaluation of different alternatives for type and dimensions of dams
• Reservoir operation studies
• Irrigation network design
• Preparation of bill of quantities and cost estimates
• Financial analysis of alternatives, economic evaluation of the project