The aim is to provide water fairly, efficiently, and sustainably for the 11 sectors dependent on water in drought conditions in the basin.

Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry


Çanakkale, Balıkesir, İzmir, Manisa

Northern Egea Water Allocation Project

Sectoral Water Allocation Plan considers the effects of climate change and drought analysis to ensure the water demand is met fairly, efficiently and abundantly for each sector. Reuse of treated water was evaluated during water allocation modelling studies. Framework of assessment and planning is established considering integrated climate change assessment for adaptation planning for future investments of sectors.

Services Provided

• Characterisation of the basin
• Determination of current and future water sectors
• Evaluation of the effects of climate change and drought on water quantity
• Water allocation modelling, determination of optimum water distribution
• Socio-economic analysis of each water allocated sector
• Projections which may respond to climate change, socio-economic indicators, shifting economies, water pricing incentives, and options to share the benefits of water use rather than on sharing the water itself
• Analysis of Realtime Decision Support Systems