Lower Dalaman Basin Master Plan
Water resources management and potential investments were planned for the most efficient use of water in the Lower Dalaman Basin.

21th Regional Directorate of State Hydraulic Works


Budrur, Denizli, Muğla

Lower Dalaman Basin Master Plan

With the Lower Dalaman Master Plan, the feasibilities of the dam and HEPP projects planned to be built for the integrated management of water resources in the basin have been prepared.

Services Provided

• Sandalcık Dam and HEP. 108.4 m high, concrete weight type dam, 5000 m long energy tunnel and 175 MW hydroelectric power plant.
• Narlı Dam and HEP 92.5 m high front concrete coated rockfill dam, 5725 m energy tunnel and 130 MW hydroelectric power plant.
• Akköprü Dam and HEP 110.5 m high, rockfill type dam, 115 MW capacity hydro-electric power plant.
• Dalaman Dam and HEP 45 m high rockfill dam, 4,300m. long energy tunnel and 50 MW hydroelectric power plant.