The aim is to meet the water needs of Gaziantep province until the year 2050.

20th Regional Directorate of State Hydraulic Works



Kahramanmaraş-Helete (Düzbağ) Dam

Project aims to supply potable water for Gaziantep city (2.7 million population). The project scope covers designing Düzbağ dam (concrete faced rockfill dam), Düzbağ Dam – Gaziantep city transmission line (Length: 109.76 km), Tunnel on transmission line (Length: 3.18 km), Water Treatment Plant (300.000 m3/day capacity) and HPP (Installed Capacity: 6 MW, Annual Energy Generation: 34.24 GWh).

Services Provided

• Determination of Gaziantep Province long term population and water supply requirement
• Investigation of dam site location and dam type alternatives
• Determination of existing water rights
• Hydrological Studies (Analysis of water budget, flood analysis, reservoir operation)
• Topographical Survey: 1/500 and 1/1000 scaled maps of dam site and appurtenant structures
• Geotechnical and Geological Surveys Reporting and Natural Building Materials Survey and Reporting
• Report on slope stability, stress distribution, settlement and seepage analyses of dam body
• Expropriation study for reservoir site
• ESIA Studies