Melen Dam is being reinforced to solve Istanbul’s water problem.

General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works



Revised Rehabilitation Design of Melen Dam

Performing and interpreting detailed 2D and 3D static and dynamic analyses of the revised rehabilitation projects developed in line with the geotechnical survey reports and the revised rehabilitation projects in the implementation phase with the “Melen Dam Inspection” approved in December 2019 within the scope of the rehabilitation of Melen Dam, again with the current bedrock engineering parameters, Revision of rehabilitation projects for dam body and all other auxiliary structures and all hydromechanical equipment and electrical control and command systems.

Services Provided

• Assessment of physical condition of dam body
• Geotechnical studies
• 2D and 3D static and dynamic geotechnical analyses of dam body and related structures
• Preparing Dam Safety Management Plans
• Dam Instrumentation Plans (IP)
• Seismic hazard including earthquake hazard study assessment