Drinking water sources and transmission lines have been developed to provide sustainable access to water for the Palestinian people.

The Palestinian Water Authority


Palestine, West Bank

Bulk Water Supply Master Plan and Water Harvesting Master Plan in the West Bank

The project area is the whole West Bank. The landlocked territory stretches over an area of 2,183 square miles. The aim of the Project is to support the Palestinian Water Authority (PWA) in developing Bulk Water Master Plan and preliminary design of regional clusters, and developing Water harvesting Master Plan for West Bank. The study also consider the updated Water Sector Policy and Strategy.

Services Provided

Bulk Water Master Plan and Preliminary Design of Regional Cluster
• Technical solutions and associated multi-criteria analysis
• Recommending accompanying measures, and developing phased investment plan
• Preliminary design of Priority regional clusters including work packages and project summary documentation
• Environmental and Social Management Framework

Water Harvesting Master Plan
• Baseline studies
• Conceptual model and groundwater balance of the main aquifers, critical review of relevant studies
• Master Plan includes harvesting water potential, most suitable harvesting techniques, potential projects, recommendations about an appropriate management system, phased investment plan
• Assessment of treated wastewater reuse alternatives
• Environmental and Social Management Framework