Water resource management and optimization have been conducted to ensure economic and social prosperity in the basin.

General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works


İzmir, Aydın, Manisa

Küçük Menderes Havzası Master Plan

Küçük Menderes basin is located in western Anatolia with a catchment area around 7,000 km2 discharging to Aegean Sea. Project covers Water Resources Management studies of the basin in the context of quality and quantity of surface water and groundwater resources, water demand analysis of the basin, inventory studies of existing systems, catchment management studies.

Sunulan Hizmetler

• Determination of present and future water usage
• Hydrological modelling for determination of inflows and flood discharges throughout the basin
• Determination of irrigation, potable and industrial water potential and need
• Determination of energy potential and water rights
• Water Resources Management and Optimization
• Determination of sediment and erosion sensitive areas in the basin and analysis of sediment impacts
• New project proposals for flood mitigation, energy production, drinking and irrigation water supply purposes
• Preparation of integrated operation studies (WEAP) for supplying existing and future water requirements and maximizing hydropower production