A total of 45,810 ha of irrigation area, approximately 94 km of main lines and more than 860 km of irrigation networks are brought to the region in three separate areas.

Azerbaijan Amelioration and Water Management Open Joint Stock Company



The Restoration and Development of Amelioration and Water Management Complex in Agdam Region

– Reconstruction of Tartarchay Right bank canal taking water from Sugovshan hydro junction;
– Rehabilitation of Khachinchay and Agdamkend reservoirs together with the canal taking water from them
– Rehabilitation and reconstruction of water intake facilities and water intake canals on Gargar River
– Rehabilitation, reconstruction and construction of irrigation systems
– Rehabilitation of existing subartesian wells and canals, as well as drilling new ones
– Construction of new reservoirs for harvesting rainwater
– Defining measures for establishment of a “smart water” system

Services Provided

• Feasibility studies
• Topographical and geotechnical studies
• Identification of service areas of each irrigation system in order to assess the water resources, amelioration and water economy facilities of the liberated territory of Agdam region on the basis of design and survey works
• Preparation of reports on the restoration, reconstruction and construction of land reclamation and water economy facilities, taking into account the perspective irrigation areas of the region and the agricultural crops to be grown;
• Preparation of cost estimates required for the implementation of each component of the various stages of restoration, reconstruction and new construction.
• Assessment of the agricultural sector, define credible with-project cropping patterns and yields according to the agricultural development scenarios
• Financial and economic analysis of the proposed project
• Detailed design of amelioration and water economy facilities located in the liberated territory of Agdam region and Tartarchay right bank canal
• Preparation of quantity and cost estimates; tender documents