The Southeastern Anatolia Project (GAP) was planned to carry the water from Atatürk Dam from Şanlıurfa to Mardin with the main canal line that will bring together the water of the Mardin Plain and the Euphrates.

General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works


Mardin, Şanlıurfa

Mardin-Ceylanpınar Plains Irrigation

Project area is located in Euphrates Basin of Southeastern Anatolian Region. Mardin-Ceylanpınar Plains Irrigation Project is the largest scale irrigation project in Turkey. Irrigation area is separated into two, as irrigation from Atatürk dam and irrigation from groundwater. 360,158 ha land is irrigated, 228,569 of this amount from Atatürk Dam and the remaining 131,589 from groundwater. Detailed designs comprise 228.71 km long main canals with an initial capacity of 200 m³/s and appurtenant structures like siphons, radial gates and check structures of huge dimensions.

Services Provided

• Revision of planning studies
• Determination of irrigation water demand
• Comparison of alternatives
• Groundwater modelling
• Detailed design of main canals, irrigation network and appurtenant structures
• Preparation of bill of quantities and tender documents