Within the framework of adaptation to Climate Change, Sakarya Wastewater Treatment Plant recovers its wastewater for reuse.

General Directorate of Sakarya Water and Sewage Administration



Reclamation of Treated Wastewaters in Sakarya Wastewater Treatment Plant

The project aims to contribute to our country’s agricultural production by providing modern irrigation and to reclaim wastewater through the water cycle method, thereby enabling Sakarya Province to access healthy and reliable drinking and utility water economically and sustainably in its future projections. Providing additional water resources for irrigation instead of using existing water will make a significant contribution to the process of adaptation to climate change.

Services Provided

• Planning and Feasibility Report Preparation for the Use of Treated Wastewater in Sakarya for Irrigation
• Conceptual designs of additional treatment units to meet the reuse criteria stipulated in current legislation
• Cost calculations