Turkey’s first Drinking Water Security Plan has been prepared for Gaziantep.

Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry



Drinking Water Safety Plan from Source to Tap for Gaziantep Province

The main objective of Water Safety Plan is to prepare emergency action plan and guide document and to ensure safety and sustainability of drinking water from source to tap. The project is designed to assist the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and other stakeholders in the implementation of EU acquits by providing support in legal and institutional aspects, as well as implementing concrete requirements of Drinking Water Directives, in particular of the economic analysis, and water efficiency improvement instruments.

Services Provided

• Analysing legal and institutional structure
• Determination of water quality and modelling
• Evaluation of water treatment plant, system components for distribution system
• Non-revenue water analyses
• Analysis of system’s vulnerability against chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear attacks
• Risk Characterization and Programme of Mesasures
• Preparation of “Emergency Action Plan for Gaziantep city” and “Water Safety Guide Document”