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alara dam & hydropower plant feasibility report

Project Location

Antalya, Turkey


Yüksel İnşaat A.Ş.

Project Description

Alara Dam & HPP: Dam body is designed as rockfill embankment with concrete lined upstream face. Height of dam from thalweg is 215 m. Length of energy tunnel is 779 m. Installed capacity of the HPP is 154,50 MW and annual estimated production is 454 GWh.

Uçankaya HPP: Run-off river plant with 5.60 MW.
Oğuz HPP: Run-off river plant with 3.50 MW.
Gündoğmuş HPP: Run-off river plant with 24.80 MW.

Provided Services

Hydrological studies covering water budget, reservoir operation studies and floods
Preliminary geotechnical and natural construction materials studies
Preliminary design of dam, diversion weirs, diversion and energy tunnels, conveyance canals and other related civil structures, power houses
Cost estimates for civil and electromechanical works
Financial analysis of the project


Kerim Orhon

Kerim Orhon 

Civil Engineer M.Sc.

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